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Don’t Cancel, Postpone

Written By Cecilia Kamuputa Apr, 28 2020
Don’t Cancel, Postpone

Bags are packed, bookings made, outfits laid out to satisfy your wanderlust. Finally, you are visiting the teapot shaped country famed for the majestic Mosi oa Tunya and home to the Big Five.

All of a sudden, the greatest catastrophe befalls humanity. Everything grinds to a halt. And the now-toxic outside, leaves us locked up indoors. You wonder if you should cancel your traveling plans… Don’t cancel, postpone.

The current situation

2020 has been such a trip! We are only in the 4th month of the year, yet we have already experienced the Australian fires, the threat of a WW3, the locust plague and around all this, COVID-19 who won’t need a trip after all this? A solo getaway, or a group trip, just to reconnect with nature and with ourselves.


The global tourism industry, according to the UNWTO, will lose about US$50 billion due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and ensuing travel bans and cancellations. However, if we do not cancel our trips and bookings, we might minimize the losses in the tourism industry and overall, to the global economy.


According to the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, tourism in Zimbabwe is the fastest growing sector, contributing 7.2 percent to the country’s GDP in 2018. Many companies in the tourism industry will be closing during this time. The lockdowns will impact many families, including those of tour guides, air hostesses, pilots, safari tour operators, housekeeping, chefs, camp guides, rangers to name but a few. We know, it sounds quite bad. What we can all be rest assured in is we will all be waiting to welcome you on the other side. 

While the #PostponeDontCancel campaign is a global initiative, it is also a Zimbabwean call to action. If you had planned a trip to Zimbabwe this year, think about postponing it for later in the year. 

Adventure Awaits!

Though we are under varying levels of lockdown, we will soon come out of our houses and explore once more. Unlike before, we are likely to appreciate our adventures more.  Zimbabwe will still be here to offer timeless beauty and intimate outdoor escapes, rolling hills and beautiful falls. To keep your mind inspired, take a look at our thoughts on Victoria Falls, Kariba or Mana Pools.

Keep safe and stay well, until we meet again- soon.

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