Rarai Lodge

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Perrance Shiri - 169 Kilimani Close Quinnington Park Borrowdale Harare.


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Also in Bindura

Bindura is a town located in Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe, situated about 87 km (54 mi) northeast of Harare. Bindura boasts an estimated population of over 200,000 people and is the administrative centre for the Bindura district.

The town has grown significantly since it was established in 1939 as a settlement for white farmers, with the original two streets being renamed King George VI Road and Queen Elizabeth Drive after the coronation of their Majesties in 1937.

Despite Bindura's continued growth, much of the surrounding area is dedicated to mining, farming and agricultural activities. The mainstay crops are maize and tobacco, while smaller amounts are also grown in other areas such as cotton, wheat, soya beans and groundnuts. Bindura is also known for its timber production from the nearby Bindura Forest Estate plantations located outside the town boundaries.

Aside from agriculture Bindura serves as an educational hub with The Bindura University of Science Education founded in 2000, along with several secondary schools including Bindura Secondary School which was established in 1944. It also hosts an array of health services including Bindura Hospital which provides basic medical care to surrounding villages and townships.

With its vibrant mix of rural life juxtaposed against modern amenities, Bindura has become a popular destination for many looking to escape the hustle-bustle big cities hold – making it an ideal spot to explore the local culture or simply relax away from busy urban areas or take part in recreational activities while experiencing Zimbabwean hospitality firsthand!