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757 Zvishavane High Area, Zvishavane


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Zvishavane is a town located in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe, about 265 km (165 miles) from the capital city of Harare. It is the district capital of Zvishavane District and has an estimated population of 38,000 people. Zvishavane serves as a commercial and agricultural hub for the Zvishavane District and surrounding areas.

The Zvishavane region was originally inhabited by members of the Barwe, Zezuru and Rozvi Shona tribes before becoming part of an area under Queen Victoria's rule in 1891. The town was officially founded in 1906 after gold mining activities were established nearby.

Today Zvishavane is home to many small businesses which contribute to its local economy, including shops and restaurants that cater to tourists from around the world. The town is well known for its beauty and scenery, with lush green vegetation in the surrounding hills surrounding Zvishavane's low-lying valleys.

Zvishavane has several tourist attractions, including Zvikomborero Hills which offer breathtaking views of Zvishavane's landscape; Bikita Crystal Mine; Mtsheleli Dam, which provides water for irrigation; Dairo Dam; Lupunga National Park; Masvingo National Park; Chiredzi Game Reserve; Chitake River Wildlife Reserve; Mkwasine Hot Springs Resort; Mabale Cultural Village; and Zimunya Crafts Market.

In addition to tourism, Zvishavane serves as an important hub for agricultural activities such as cattle farming, crop cultivation (maize, sorghum and wheat), tobacco production and horticulture. Several industries also operate in Zvishavane such as light engineering works, a foundry, furniture manufacturing companies, construction firms and printing presses.

In short, Zvishavane is a thriving town rich with history, culture, business opportunities, education facilities, leisure activities, beautiful scenery, cultural sites, national parks, wildlife reserves & much more! There's something for everyone here no matter what your interests may be!