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Mother’s Lodge

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Stand 3889 Shule Shule Beitbridge


We are sorry, this accommodation is not available to book at the moment

Also in Beitbridge

Also spelt Beit Bridge; the most Southern town in Zimbabwe is home to the busiest road-boarder in the Southern African region which spans over the Limpopo River connecting South Africa and Zimbabwe. This border post and bridge are a gateway into the rest of Africa with an estimated 8,000 to 20,000 people crossing daily, a good part of those are in trucks and buses waiting to deliver goods to many African countries, including Malawi, Zambia, the DRC and even as far up as Tanzania!

The bridge and the town were named after Alfred Beit, a German/ British/ South African businessman and associate of Cecil John Rhodes. There is not much to see and do within the town itself, but if you are up for it, take a drive and within an hour you can be in one of the unique, surrounding nature reserves where you can experience a wide array of Zimbabwean wildlife, nature and even dinosaur fossils.

If you do venture into Beitbridge, be sure to take a trip to the actual bridge. You will need your passport to get through the border post. A word of warning to the wise, be careful of the baboons- they are not friendly.