Imire Game Park

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P Bag 3750 Marondera


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At 5 538ft above sea level, Marondera is the highest town in Zimbabwe in terms of altitude. Because of this, several major rivers rise from the town including Save, Hunyani/Manyame, Nyakambiri, Ruzawi, Mukuvisi, Nyagombore, Macheke, and Wenimbi.

Major tourist attractions in the town include Imire Game Reserve, Gosho Park, Bernard Mizeki Shrine and Tsindi Ruins. Marondera is also home to one of the biggest wineries in Zimbabwe, Mukuyu, which has produced esteemed winemakers like Sam Pfidzai, Tariro Masayiti and Nelia Kanyasa. The winery is situated in the majestic Ruzawi River Valley. Mukuyu Wineries is also a very good venue for those who like romantic outdoor activities.

Whilst it's such a small town, if you are an adventure freak there are Zambezi holidays that are nestled just off the road to the north-eastern side leading out of the town. They have a cocktail menu of exhilarating activities that will take your breath away.

+279, as the town is affectionately known, is also home to the Grasslands Research Station, which is one of the four Livestock and Pasture Research Stations in Zimbabwe. It is one of the most popular tourist visit sites especially for people who have a passion for agriculture.

Often referred to as the Grahamstown of Zimbabwe, Marondera is home to some of the best schools in the country including Marondera High, Nagle House, Watershed, Diggleford, Ruzawi, Springvale, Lendy Park, Godfrey Huggins, Peterhouse, Bernard Mizeki and Waddilove.

Floreat Marondera!!

By Tapiwa Munjoma