Eden Lodge

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Fresh Water Road, Bvumba - PO Box 881- Mutare


We are sorry, this accommodation is not available to book at the moment

Also in Vumba

Translated from Xitsonga means clay. Yes, the are Tsonga speakers and tribes in Zimbabwe. The area's proximity to Mozambique means that there are several tribes whose location and language was not impacted by colonial borders. The area is located in the Eastern Highlands, on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, in thick and dense evergreen forests. A natural beauty the area is mountainous and covered in mist for most of the year. Due to the difficulty caused by the terrain, agriculture is not feasible and forestry farms are the norm. Vumba is approximately 10km from Mutare with the moutains running from Zimbabwe into Mozambique. There are several guided hiking trails whose guides are experts in local history and folk law. Although sitings have become increasingly rare, there are very isolated rural dwellings in the mountains. Stay close to the guide.