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The Biggest Homecoming in Zimbabwean History!

Written By Shau Mudekunye Jan, 14 2020
The Biggest Homecoming in Zimbabwean History!

We don’t know if you have heard yet… The entire month of April 2020 will see thousands of Zimbabweans participating in the Zimbabwean event of the… Well, EVER. ZimThrive is taking place and we know it’s going to be big! In fact, we think it is going to be the biggest homecoming in Zimbabwean history! The theme for this massive event is ‘Homecoming’ telling all attendees exactly what it is. A massive homecoming of Zimbabweans from all over the world. We as Wonderful Zimbabwe are proud to be supporting this initiative and thought we should tell you a little bit about it. 

Why ZimThrive?

‘What’s the point?’ you ask? Well. As co-founders Mildred Munjanja (US) and Mike Tashayaha (UK) will tell you, the most important aspect of the initiative is to bring everyone together. The team is, therefore, looking to reinforce unity and rekindle past relationships. In addition, they aim to create new friendships and create a stronger nation that relies on itself and its people. 

What is the Aim of ZimThrive?

The ZimThrive Committee is made up of apolitical individuals, based in all corners of the world and has worked around the clock to bring this initiative home. We all value having a good time, this is one of the main reasons for the initiative. Above all, however, the aim of bringing everyone together is to foster a better economic relationship between Zimbabweans from around the world. In other words, whether you are just coming home for a vacation or looking for investment prospects, home is where it’s at. There are many ideas and initiatives that are available to you. We can all support Zimbabwean business, right? This is a huge opportunity for business people in and aficionados of tourism, sports, arts, entertainment, fashion and cultural events. 

Zim Thrive

Where is it all happening?

We know you didn’t think we would leave you without telling you which cities are on the map, right? All the activities are going to take place in Harare, Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Kariba and the Eastern Highlands. Check out the events calendar right here to plan your authentic Zimbabwean experience. No matter where you end up, there should be something right up your alley nearby. 

How do you get involved?

Glad you asked! There are multiple ways you can get involved in this amazing drive! Firstly, you can register your attendance to the event here.  Secondly, you can grow your brand or business by advertising or becoming a sponsor or sponsoring part of the initiative by clicking here

We cannot wait to see you there at the biggest homecoming in Zimbabwean History!

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