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Shekhinah at Vic Falls Carnival!

Written By Shau Mudekunye Dec, 05 2019
Shekhinah at Vic Falls Carnival!

In case you have not heard, Shekhinah is going to be gracing the stage at the Vic Falls carnival 2019! If you are as excited as we are, then read this short interview we had with the Rose Gold Songstress on how she feels to be joining us on the 29th of December 2019 to the 1st of January 2020. 

WonderfulZimbabwe: We are so excited to hear that you’re on the Vic Falls Carnival line up, how do you feel about it?


Shekhinah: I’m so excited to do Vic Falls Carnival, honestly every single year that I’m not on the line up for the Carnival it stresses me out so I’m really excited that we finally made the cut!


WZ: You say finally, when was the first time you heard about it?


S: I’ve heard so much about the festival since 2016 so I’m also excited to just  be in Zim, I know a lot of pretty people come from Zim (drops names). Haha! Don’t worry Shekhinah we won’t tell. 


WZ: When was the last time you visited Zim or is this your first trip? 


Shekhinah: We (her team) haven’t visited Zimmers since last year so we’re happy to be back in Zim! 


WZ: You are in Vic Falls – Bungee jumping or gorge swinging?


S: It’s not even a question, definitely BOTH! I’m such a daredevil!


WZ: White water rafting or a chartered flight over the falls? 


S: Ooh that’s a tough one but a chartered flight


WZ: Vic falls is elephant country, do you know what to do when you encounter an elephant?


S: Not at all! Oh my word, lie down or something I don’t know, I’ll probably scream!


WZ: Sneak peak of the songs you will perform? 


S: All the crowd favourites!


WZ:  Your favourite Shekhinah song?


S: Any Way I Want or Overdose


WZ: Can we expect new music from you anytime soon?


S: Definitely bringing some new music in 2020 


WZ: Is there any Zimbabwean artist you’d like to collaborate with?


S: I haven’t collaborated with anyone as yet but maybe Gemma.

Just in case you are wondering, when you encounter an elephant, you should totally not stand a scream. Depending on the demeanor of the elephant, you would stand completely still if it is not charging. If the elephant charges however, run downwind in a zig-zag pattern. Generally though, you should just stay out of an elephants way and not try to make friends unless you are in the company of a trained guide. 

If you are headed to Victoria Falls this New Years, enjoy every minute of it and remember to tag us in all your photos, we might just come over and say hi. 

Don’t forget to catch Shekhinah on stage on the 30th December 2019 

If you haven’t already got your tickets you can order them here: