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Plan Your Ultimate Adventure Holiday at Mana Pools National Park

Written By Shau Mudekunye Mar, 18 2020
Plan Your Ultimate Adventure Holiday at Mana Pools National Park

World-renowned for its large herd of elephant and buffalo, Mana Pools is an epic adventure-chasers dream. There aren’t many places where you can experience a safari on foot, and yet- here we are, in Mana pools. 

This World Heritage Site is pretty much untouched and special- if we say so ourselves. This being the case, we don’t want you to look too far for  tips to plan your ultimate adventure holiday at Mana Pools National Park- we have them right here:

Where is Mana Pools?

Situated in the far north of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools lies on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and is accessible by road and charter flight. The area is as natural as it comes and you will need a 4×4 to access it by car. 

What’s the weather like over there?

The temperature is generally warm in this region of the land. In winter you can expect low temperatures of approximately 12°C (54°F) in the evenings until the early mornings. High temperatures range, but peak at about 28°C (82°F). The summer months begin in August and last up until the end of October when it’s considerably warmer with temperatures ranging between 40 – 50°C (104 – 122°F)… Ok maybe warm is an understatement. The rainy season usually begins in November, peaking in December to February where you can expect thunderstorms any time of the day, or even drizzle that can last more than 2 days. And from March to October it’s pretty dry. 

What do I pack?

Due to the temperatures being so high, we recommend that you wear light clothing that covers your body from the sun at all times. Definitely pack a wide-brimmed hat and closed, hard shoes for the terrain. It’s mostly dry in Mana Pools, meaning there are quite a few species of insects fluttering about. For precaution, be sure you are safe against Malaria and tsetse flies- even though there have been no outbreaks of late. Basically, pack a good insect repellent. Pack a raincoat for the rainy season if that’s when you decide to go. 

We hope you feel a little more prepared for your trip. We are here to answer any questions you have on any of our social media channels!

See you in Mana Pools!

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