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New Times Birth New Opportunities

Written By Tino Murira Feb, 23 2021
New Times Birth New Opportunities

We are still locked down and though that may not change for a while, we know we cannot sit idle while we watch the world go by. We took a look around and found some pretty amazing businesses that we wanted to share with you. Take it as a Wonderful Zimbabwe recommendation list, if you will. We have certainly enjoyed using these and we think that their growth- despite the lockdowns- speaks volumes about their service…


Working from home has its perks. Think about waking up 5 minutes before a meeting, attending said meeting in your gown, spending the day with your family. It all sounds really good until you have been at home playing teacher, lecturer, playmate and full-time support structure for a year plus. Here are a few suggestions for a little relief. 


Our team has come up with a list of homegrown service providers, providing comfort and a small escape from our new normal. We are in awe of the people, small businesses and the teams around them, their massive efforts to push on and through during the last year. 


Podcasts that speak volumes

Madhorofiya Republik (@veMadhorofiya) has been truly amazing over the last year. There is no feeling like tuning in and hearing @kingkandoro’s voice announce “Nhasi tichaita around Zimbabwe in 5 hours…” He has us locked in for every broadcast, with flashbacks from our parents golden years whilst educating us on what’s current and who we should look out for… Yeah, it gets heavy sometimes but as a mirror of the times, this broadcast has proven just what we need to keep entertained and occasionally question ourselves as “loyal citizens.” Don’t forget to check out their podcast, a barometer of all things Zimbabwe – @SadzaInTheAmPod. Salute! 

They are also expanding, so check out their socials, purchase merchandise – delivery guaranteed! https://www.madhorofiya.shop/


Online deliveries? Say no more

Need to send your lady a Pizza? Your folk’s groceries, your siblings a drink? We’ve got you covered!


Our team has over the last year experimented with a number of “online” to your door services. Congratulations to the Fresh Ideas folks, must be somethinging in the veggies (the assumption being that @freshinabox gives their team take home hampers,) cos whatever they are doing, it’s definitely carried across brands. One great convenience across their platforms is you can order from virtually anywhere to get delivery in Zimbabwe!! Don’t believe me? Try any of their services @joeysPizzaZW, @FreshInaBox and https://bottlestore.co.zw/shop.Download their apps in your app store of choice. (Drink Responsibly).


The Fresh Ideas Zimbabwe team is proof of believing and building. We can’t wait to see them go regional. 


Natural hair care at its best!

Not everyone knows the story behind a small haircare brand started in 2017, but we know the hard work that has gone into Manetane Organics. If you haven’t heard, @ManetainOrganic powered into the retail space recently securing distribution in Pick n’ Pay stores across the country. Stores too crowded for you? No problem, you can pop into their store for a private shopping experience and learn about their products and production process. We strongly advise that you call ahead to avoid violating any Covid 19 protocols. Manetain Organics is a proudly Zimbabwean business that manufactures hair products for African women. Don’t feel left out gents, you can use the products as well. All their products are manufactured using indigenous ingredients, our favourites being Honey and Marula Shampoo and Conditioner and their Marula Oil. Spoil yourself and treat your hair.

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