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Getting Groceries in Zimbabwe has Never Been Easier!

Written By Tino Murira Apr, 14 2020
Getting Groceries in Zimbabwe has Never Been Easier!

You Know You Are From Zimbabwe When…

For anyone living outside the country, the end of the month is a strange time. It comes with mixed emotions undulating between, “I want to go home”, “I miss Mom” and “I need to send money”… I need to send money?

You know that call? We’ve all received it. School fees, rent, the car that’s always ‘breaking down,’ maiwe zvangu- the house you’re building that never seems to get past the foundation stage? Like many of us, as a result, I am long over sending money. In fact, when I bumped into a company on Twitter offering grocery deliveries to the family home I was sceptical. I did not want to hear about it, and vowed that I would not be duped again! Send money? To whom? And you will deliver to my address? I wasn’t born yesterday,  and have therefore seen this movie before.

They proved me wrong and I am grateful!

Introducing Fresh In A Box

Getting groceries in Zimbabwe has never been easier! My first interaction was via Twitter DM’s. I asked after the price of a package, delivery schedule and guarantees. Seemed legit. A friendly fellow who knows his product lines well answered the phone when I called. As a test, I ordered a ‘small shipment,’ sent proof of payment and received a prompt delivery confirmation. Thereafter, my request to “Call first before delivery” was answered with  “Are there any dogs?” 

Not all superheroes wear capes! Some run online businesses, take orders and deliver groceries to our octogenarian parents. 

Needless to say, when the delivery team sent me a picture of the delivered goods, it was quite emotional. After so many let downs, people you’ve sent with essentials, money, medication and car parts– there is always some reason for a price change or damages. I have no doubt that for this business, that picture I received is part of their delivery protocol. To me, it said, “We are legit- you can trust us,” and “My guy, don’t worry, I am your guy!”

How I Rate The Service

Naturally, I am impressed. I asked for their office number and was referred to their Vendor In Charge, Kuda Musasiwa who answered my call with “Hello! Makadini?” We must have spoken for 10 minutes, in which time he kept stating “There should be nothing unusual in what we do, the more people that trust our service the more families we can help.” 

To sum it up, here is what Fresh In A Box means to me:

A household name and brand I trust; fresh produce delivered to our home days after I order. They are a local business that has embraced instant messaging, mobile money building. They are completing the entire value chain from production to delivery without losing touch with me, the client.

I am excited to see what the future holds and have no doubt their orders team is expecting my call next week.

The next time you want to send groceries home, no matter where you are in the world, do yourself a favour and visit https://freshinabox.co.zw/#/shop. Happiness delivered!  

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