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5 Wild Things You Can Only Do At Mana Pools National Park

Written By Diona Stević Marinko Mar, 10 2020
5 Wild Things You Can Only Do At Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known as one of the world’s most rugged wilderness experiences. Derived from the word “four” in Shona, “Mana” refers to the four pools within the park. Here are five unique things you can do only in this remote piece of African paradise.

1. Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Since the park opened in 1963, Mana Pools is one of the only parks in Africa that allow walking safaris – with or without a guide. Because the wildlife is so used to seeing humans, you can see elephants, buffalo, impala and sometimes even lions and wild dogs, up close in their most natural, relaxed  state.

Stroll alongside some of Mana Pools’ 12 000 elephants on a walking safari.

2. Wake Up to Nature

There are many campsites to choose from at Mana Pools – and all of them are unfenced, so you never know what wildlife you’ll wake up to right outside your tent. Book early to get a site overlooking the river for the best wildlife viewing.

3. See Nature’s Gentle Giants Defy Gravity

Mana Pools is globally renowned for its large elephant population totalling over 12 000. A number of these elephants also exhibit a behaviour unique to the area, where they stand up on their back legs to reach the succulent leaves of the apple-ring acacia trees – something you won’t get to witness anywhere else.

4. Experience a Water Safari

Set on the Zambezi River, Mana Pools offers the adventurous spirit the chance to take a water safari by canoeing up the river — the perfect place to watch the wildlife congregate. A definite bucket list item for all explorers!

See the Big 5 from a new perspective, right from the Zambezi River.

5. Look into the Eye of a Tiger

Of course, we mean a tiger fish. Weighing up to 15kg and known as one of the world’s most powerful freshwater species of fish, trying to capture this fighting spirit is sure to get even the most experienced angler’s adrenaline pumping.

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