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3 Reasons Zimbabwe is Wonderful

Written By Shau Mudekunye May, 02 2019
3 Reasons Zimbabwe is Wonderful

We know, you have seen the news and we have all had opinions about Zimbabwe. Well, we are here to show the real side of Zimbabwe, the side that will ignite your passion to explore and travel.

Of course we all know the people are warm and friendly, generally, we have read all the blogs and we agree. Our first reason Zimbabwe is wonderful is that whenever anyone travels to Zimbabwe there is a definite sense of community and safety wherever you go, it is not just warm and friendly, it is genuine and unreserved. Big city, remote village or in the wild, there is always someone willing to offer a helping hand, to go the extra mile. It is not just a smile and a quick word, people get to know you and we think that’s pretty noteworthy.There is a definite bustle in Zimbabwe’s main city centres, with a real sense of serenity the minute you leave the centre and venture into the immediate neighbourhoods. Our second reason that Zim (as it is known to the locals) rocks, is that it really does not take much to find a spot that suits you and your mood. There are so many great places that will provide you with the most genuine, Zimbabwean entertainment, food and drink. We will have you feeling like a local in no time- at the risk that you become a regular after everybody knows your name.

The third reason on our list for today is how easy it is to find your way to nature. Outside the cities, which really take up very little of the 390 757 square km, lies a vast land mass where you can find pretty much any of the wildlife that Africa, in general, is famous for. We will take you on a journey of all the most beautiful hidden spots that Zimbabwe has to offer, showing you that Zimbabwe has a number of activities for everyone, the solo explorer, the family with three kids, besties on a travel mission, lovers looking for some alone time- there are tonnes of great days ahead of you in Zimbabwe. We cannot tell you that it is undiscovered, it is really just left to be untamed and untampered. We can allow ourselves to unwind, to just be.

That’s Zimbabwe.

Welcome to Wonderful Zimbabwe.

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